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All earrings are made with the material Goldfilled 14k. 14k stands for 14 carat gold or Sterling Silver. Goldfilled is a step above gold-plated and vermeil (gold on silver). It is an alloy of jeweler's copper and 14 carat gold. The gold is mechanically bonded to the base material by heat and pressure. The thickness of the gold accounts for at least 1/20th of the total weight, an alloy is not a layer that wears off easily. When used properly, it will remain as beautiful as real gold. It is also called the cheaper gold. You have  all the benefits of gold but slightly less expensive and very sustainable! I also work with brass, brass can discolour due to various (natural and unnatural influences), which generally results in a beautiful patina. If desired, brass jewelry can also be gold plated, this ensures that the jewelry remains beautiful gold for a longer period of time. correct use. 


In addition to Goldfilled 14krt, gold-plated 14krt, vermeil 14krt or sterling silver, I use various beautiful natural materials. 


Avoid contact with;

- water

- perfumes

- hair products

- lotions, sunscreen

- cleaning products, chlorine, etc. 

Do not wear jewelry while exercising, doing heavy work or sleeping. If you do this, there is a good chance that the jewelry will be broken or deformed. Some people have sweat with a high acidity which can damage the jewel. 

Put on your jewelry above a table and not, for example, above a sink. 

Always wear the supplied clasps on the earrings to prevent loss of the earrings.

Store each piece of jewelry separately so that they do not scratch or damage each other. It is best to use the original packaging, cotton balls or a soft cloth. 

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