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By Lore invites you to a world where craft and emotion merge, and where every handmade jewel tells a modest but profound story. The unique jewel carries the soul of the maker and the emotions of the wearer. Jewelry made with care and attention.


Discover the Memory Jewelry A Gentle Embrace of Precious Moments created according to the customer's wishes. Each piece serves as a tender reminder of special moments, a modest symbol of the emotional journey that gives color to life.

Each piece of jewelry can be made with materials that have a special meaning to you, such as ash, hair, breast milk, sand or a piece of fabric... together we see what is possible.  Let us share your personal story  into a tangible memory that can be cherished forever. 

Custom Made, Your Style, Your Story. Whether it is an understated ring, a pendant with a personal touch, or earrings that subtly emphasize your style.

Contact us and let us start the journey together to translate your unique story into beautiful jewelry.

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