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One of my great loves is the love for jewelry, especially earrings...never enough! Matching earrings with every outfit, if you were to take a look in my wardrobe... I need a lot of them ;).

Do you know that? A magpie that makes everything shiny in the eyes to take to her nest! Another love is the use of good materials for making jewelry. The jewelry from By Lore is handmade by me, using Sterling Silver and Gold Filled 14k/20 as a basis. You will also see (semi) precious stone, pearl, mother of pearl, shells and seeds in the designs of the gems. 


As a little girl I was often found on the top floor of our parental home, this was my father's office and studio. I spent hours there doing crafts. Creativity was instilled in me from a young age, my father was always creative and artistic for his profession as a graphic designer/artist, I simply could not ignore it. The urge for creativity has always remained, it flows through my veins. It makes me happy to make something beautiful, it makes me even happier to see how others shine. 

Welcome to the site, enjoy and let me make sure you shine!


Love Liselore


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